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To have a minimum of one million individuals take action to protect our oceans by joining and/or donating to an organization of their choice.

Join the fastest growing most important movement in the world...

Although the state of the world's coral reefs are alarming, the good news is there are millions of citizens around the world addressing these issues. Hundreds of organizations, foundations and citizens' groups are arising spontaneously throughout theUnited Statesand around the world committed to protectingEarth's life-giving eco-systems.Despite the fact that they 1are all under staffed, over worked and under funded, good work is being done. There are still millions of people who aren’t committed. We need your help to save our Coral Reefs. Join the fastest growing most powerful movement in the world... To protect the living systems of our planet Earth.

You have a piece of the puzzle we can't do without...

Each person has been designed by mother nature with access to formulas that are available only to his or her nature. Like the healing plants that make up the rain forest each person has a gift unique to them, a piece of the puzzle to the 1overall intelligence. Like the rain forests, if we lose the coral reefs, we may lose essential chemicals that may solve problems we haven’t yet experienced... and the same, if we lose the gift of your action, we lose the possibility of solutions we haven't begun imagine. We have lost over a quarter of the world's coral reefs. If the present rate of destruction continues, 60% of the world's coral reefs will be destroyed in the next 30 years. We need your help to save our coral reefs.

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Greenpeace -

Natural Resources Defense Council - NRDC saved Baja's whales, Canada's Spirit Bears, California's sequoias. Defends embattled wildlife, wilderness, coasts, rivers, and clean air across America and around the globe.
40 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011

Waterkeeper Alliance
Waterkeeper Alliance connects and supports local Waterkeeper programs to provide a voice for waterways and their communities worldwide. To champion clean water and strong communities, Waterkeeper Alliance:

  1. Supports and empowers member Waterkeeper organizations to protect communities, ecosystems and water quality;
  2. Promotes the Waterkeeper model for watershed protection worldwide; and
  3. Advocates for issues common to Waterkeeper programs.

The Coral Reef Alliance
The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL ) is a member-supported, non-profit organization dedicated to keeping coral reefs alive around the world. CORAL works with marine park managers, businesses, and communities to help increase their capacity to protect their local coral reefs.

The Oceanic Conservation Organization (OCO) was founded by a group of individuals concerned with declining numbers of Bill fish and other aquatic species. OCO is dedicated to the preservation of aquatic life. We feel that it is imperative to collect and share data among all others concerned with oceanic conservation. Students and other organizations will join OCO on it's course to save, protect, and restore our global waters.

Planetary Coral Reef Foundation
The Planetary Coral Reef Foundation (PCRF) was founded in 1991 to address the coral reef crisis. Since its inception, PCRF has pursued an unprecedented global mission to preserve coral reefs through innovative programs in science, technology and education.

The Cousteau Society Educating people to understand, to love and to protect the water systems of the planet, marin and fresh water, for the well-being of future generations.

Earth Day Network - Promotes peace, justice and a sustainable future through education and events. EDN supports community efforts to improve public health and the environment around the world.
1616 P Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036

Earthjustice - Formerly Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund. Protects people, wildlife and natural resources by providing free legal representation to citizen groups to enforce our environmental laws.
426 17th Street, 6th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612

The Nature Conservancy - Buys and protects land to save our world's rare plants and animals from extinction. Results: 10 million acres protected -- rainforests, prairies, wetlands, mountains, beaches.
4245 North Fairfax Drive
Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22203-1606

Project AWARE Foundation

Enviromental Defense

Reef Check


International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN)

Ocean Conservancy


Adventure Tours USA

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